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Below, you will find a list of legal textbooks published or co-published by members of HASCH UND PARTNER. The range of topics covered in detail includes, for example, issues relating to company succession, IPOs, Internet law, and insolvency law.

Title Author(s) Edition
Kündigung eines Kassenvertrages wegen Gefälligkeitsattesten RdW 2013/602
Corporate restructuring in practice 2022
Der GmbH-Geschäftsführer – Rechte und Pflichten 2021, 3. Auflage
Authorized signatory and authorized representative – rights and obligations 2017, 2. Auflage
Business succession handbook 2016, 1. Auflage
Successful company succession 2015, 1. Auflage
Short commentary on the Private Foundation Act, 2nd edition 2014
The GmbH managing director – rights and obligations 2013, 2. Auflage
Performance motivation in companies
  • DDr. Alexander HASCH
  • Mag. Johannes WOLFGRUBER, MBA
  • Mag. Felix HASCH
  • Michael Wagner
  • Ing. Mag. Dr. Franz Balik; Akfm. Mag. Bernhard Diwald; Mag. Maria Ebner; Mag. Andreas Gumpetsberger, MBA; Hubert Laaber, CMC; Dr. Norbert Obermayr, CMC, CTE; Michael Ofner; Ing. Mag. Christian Schreiberhuber, M.B.L.-HSG,CTE, CSE; Mag. Harald Schützinger; Dr. Helmut Stadlbauer
Public company handbook 2012
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